The Camino Frances

The Camino Frances

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wandering this fall

Since I plan to walk the Camino once again in the Spring of 2014 with my friend Wendy, I need to step up the training. I now lead walk 3 days a week. Monday and Tuesday are usually in the neighbourhood, for about an hour, and Friday is a day-long walk with pilgrims - about the length of my definition of a short day on the Camino - about 4 and a half hours of walking, ending with a lunch somewhere on the route.

On the shorter walks, I have explored Corktown Common, the Distillery, Cherry Beach, the new Rouge Park, the Necropolis, Craigleith Gardens, Chorley Park, the Brickworks, the abandoned CPR rail route up the Don Valley, Governor's Bridge and Rosedale. On all but one of these hikes, I have had friends with me.

On the longer walks with Pilgrims Practice/Progress, we have walked the Eastern Beaches, Grenadier Pond in High Park and the Humber River, the waterfront to High Park, the Toronto Islands, and the Don Valley trail to Edwards Gardens. This week we return to the Humber and walk north from Bloor.

This is a picture taken by Julie, of our walk near Wilkett Creek.

Toronto is so beautiful, and provides so many opportunities to get away from the bustle and the pavement, and so many challenges and adventures in preparation for the pilgrimage.


Saturday, October 5, 2013

The National filmed us!

The CBC wanted footage to support the research into the benefits of walking for post-menopausal women ( sorry guys) and they found our group. So last Friday, October 4, they filmed us walking on Toronto Island.
It added a new dimension to the routine of the hike, and was interesting to see the producer and camerawoman work together to get the footage.
Here is the link:

We had a great pot-luck lunch at the ferry docks on Ward's Island which we really enjoyed after walking the length of the island. After the ferry ride back to the city, we walked home, with a stop at the Europe Bound outlet. Some Sicilian ice cream  topped off a terrific day of hiking.

Next week we are off to explore another Toronto beach.

This is what the beaches looked like on Toronto Island.