The Camino Frances

The Camino Frances

Friday, October 2, 2015

Hiking in Kelowna

While I was in Kelowna this summer, I walked in Mission Creek with a walking group that my daughter Aislinn found for me.
Mission Creek has 12 kms of hiking trails, and I explored a few of them alone and with the group.
Here is the link to the park.

This is what the trails look like.

Twice I decided to walk from home ( in Kelowna) to Okanagan Lake, along the trail which follows Mission Creek until it empties into the lake. The first time, the temperatures were in the mid thirties, but the second time, with my friend June, it was much more moderate. June and I met Aislinn and the 4 children at Marmalade Cat cafe, where some of us indulged in their famous chelsea buns.

Here is the trail. We started at the spot marked G and walked to Okanagan Lake,

mission creek greenway trail map

Another hike I walked was along the Kettle Valley trestle bridges in Myra Canyon.

It was the day after Aislinn had given birth to Rasaraj, so Michael and I took the other three children to hike the trail and the trestles.

Myra Canyon
 Not my grandchildren

Some of the bridges are quite high, and there is the possibility of vertigo!

There are many other great opportunities for hiking in the mountains, and I hope to explore more when I return for another visit.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Return to the Camino 2016

My next Camino - but not my last, I know, will be in August of 2016.

My grandson Cy and I have chatted about doing the Camino together, but this winter Meghan, his mom and my eldest, came to me with the idea of the 3 of us walking in August of 2016 - and my answer? SI!

No details have been worked out, but I have a rough plan.

 Astorga,with a visit to the Museo del Chocolate

Museo de Chocolate, Astorga

 Rabanal, Refugio Gaucelmo, where I volunteered for 2 weeks in 2012, and will again in Sept 2016

 Refugio Gaucelmo, Rabanal

Ponferrada has a Templar Castle - we'll stay here for sure - who wouldn't want to visit a Templar Castle?

It is still another 200 km or so to Santiago - too soon to make definite plans, but I have more ideas.

After they return home for school at the end of August, I'll walk to Finisterre, bus back to Santiago, and on to Ferrol, in order to walk the Camino Ingles.


Then, back to Rabanal for another 2 weeks taking care of pilgrims.

So, I'll be busy this year, training, planning and dreaming!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Walking the Beach

If you hurry, you will see the most amazing art structures on the Beach. There are 5 "warming stations" between the bottom of Wineva and the Balmy Beach club.
Here's a link to the Toronto Star article, with some amazing pictures.
Image result for image warming stations beach toronto

They will be on the beach until March 22, 2015, so hurry!
I've seen them twice. My walking group started at the Riverdale Bridge and walked down through Corktown Commons.
This is a frequent stop on our walks, as it only takes about 20 minutes to get there.

It is the venue for some events for the Panam games, including a new YMCA and housing for George Brown students.

We had coffee at Plan 29, which used to be Mountain View coffee, on Logan near Lakeshore.
From there it was about a 50 minute walk along the Martin Goodman trail, paralleling Lakeshore, to the first warming station.
On my second visit, there was more climbing involved, as each structure is build around a lifeguard station. My favourite was the one with a fire pit, still burning on a sleety Saturday morning.
The walk back to the bridge takes about 75 minutes, if you go cross country, through Orchard Park and Greenwood Park.