The Camino Frances

The Camino Frances

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The power of the Camino

What is the power of the connections we form on the Camino?
We meet people as different from us as possible: the other sex, different ages, from different continents, different cultures, different religions and beliefs, different socioeconomic circumstances.
What draws us together and makes that powerful connection that can last for years?
It's what we share, not how we are different.
It is our commonalities, not our divergence.
On the Camino we are committed to a purpose: making it to Santiago.
We are committed to putting one foot in front of the other.
We are not deterred by pain or rain, by hunger or thirst, by injury or loneliness.
Our commitment is to ourselves, but also to those who share our path.
We celebrate our shared path and purpose - with a glass of wine, at communal meals, with sharing supplies and information.
We work together for a common goal.
Can we bring that back to our life here?
Can we look at others and see the values we share, not the views we disagree on?
Can we celebrate what we all value and work to overcome the barriers between us?
Can we drop our fears and embrace others who are different from us?
Let's commit to caring for others, sharing with everyone, helping where help is needed, and listening, not judging, just listening.


  1. HI Darlene

    thank you for all the posts you provide and for this latest. Love the questions, love the answers.

    1. Thanks for the feedback - it helps to know that people are reflecting on my posts.