The Camino Frances

The Camino Frances

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Training for the Camino

 Hiking in the Don Valley in January

We are about to book our tickets, with less than 3 months to go, and I am wondering about training.

My goal each week is to walk 150,000 steps, though I don't always make it. That is about 90 km per week.
On the Camino, I hope to average about 25 km per day, or 150 per week.

So, how do I get to the Camino, prepared to walk that distance day after day, carrying a pack which will weigh about 8 kg plus food and water for the day?

Here is what I am doing right now:
On Fridays, I lead a hike of about 15-20 prospective pilgrims and returning pilgrims, and anyone else crazy enough to want to hike about 20 kms. And I walk 10 to 20 kms on the other days, especially on Monday and Tuesday when I lead one hour hikes, and Thursday and Sunday when I walk to church and sometimes back, carrying a 5 km backpack each time. I also go to a 90 minute yoga class each week.

Is that enough?

Or do I need to walk back to back days of 20 or more kms?
Do I need to practice with the loaded backpack for those back to back hikes?
Do I need to go up and down hills repeatedly to build up my leg muscles?
Should I be lifting weights and doing squats every other day?

I think I am in as good as or better shape than I was on my first and second Camino.
Can I trust that my body will be up to the challenge?

The proof is in the pudding - I think I will only know when I am there, doing it.

Here is a blog post from the Camino Forum with specific goals for each week. As I look at it, I think that I am almost there.

What a great adventure my life is!

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