The Camino Frances

The Camino Frances

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Here I am in Villadangos - Wow! about 20 km for my first day, and I am so glad to be sitting down. I didn´t mean to walk this far, but I got persuaded. This morning, after mailing weight to Rabanal, I went for breakfast. Cafe con leche - HOORAY, a small glass of orange juice, a generous piece of tortilla, all for only 2 euros. There I met 4 Finnish women, and one of them asked me to walk with them so she could practice her English. The best laid plans of mice and women!
So, we stopped to purchase walking sticks, and by the time we were all ready to go, it was 11 am. A bit late, but that is what we managed. It turned out the 3 of them were very slow, and the english speaker who wished to practice, took a bus. I´m not sure what the problem was - we are here in the municipal albergue, and it is 5 pm - I walked 6 hours, minus a few minutes for another cafe con leche, hb egg ,cheese and rice cracker from my backpack, blowing my nose, drinking water, checking our maps, etc.
The woman who walked all the way with me had very minimal English, so I entertained her with singing. It is interesting which song lyrics stick in my head. Quite a few songs from my time with toddlers at the library, and time at drop-ins with Cy  - The wheels on the bus, eency weency spider, bumping up and down. Then there were the hymns: We are pilgrims on a journey, one more step along the road I take, Morning has broken, and Johnny Appleseed ( does that count as a hymn?). Then the musicals; Oklahoma, the sound of music.
Our last stop was 1 km from the albergue - I could go no further without chocolate, so we shared part of my Camino chocolate bar - very appropriate - a birthday gift from Peggy.
I swear I will get another backpack for the next time. Despite constant adjustment, it felt very heavy on my shoulders, but it is heavy - 20 lbs, and I was wearing a sleeveless shirt (and sunblock), and it seemed to rub on my skin. Plus it was very hot - about 26^` all day, and we took the road route, so there was minimal shade.
So now, the familiar routine. Legs up the wall, shower and wash clothes, check out the town, and dinner about 8 pm. After that fall into bed - luckily I have a bottom bunk, as they are triple deckers, with 6 people per cubicle. But for 4 € who can camplain. I resolve not to complain.

Thanks for reading along.

Buen Camino
PS.My feet look brand new - no red spots, and no blisters. I am so grateful to my training, my training partners, Keen boots, and vaseline.


  1. Thanks for keeping us up to date. I am walking with you in spirit Darlene. Sounds like you got right into Camino mode. Keep on blogging. Love Julie

  2. Sounds amazing, Darlene. I love your singing story. I get by in France with a lot of sign language, which accompanies my mediocre French. Happy travels! :)