The Camino Frances

The Camino Frances

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The rain in Spain

Our Canadian guest and her dad did stay over a second night. We drove up to the Iron Cross yesterday after lunch. The Dad walked up and we drove him back. It was strange being a tourist there, and fascinating. There was a tour bus there waiting for bus pilgrims to have a snack and be transported to the next sight on the Camino. I hope when I walk up next Monday, it will seem different.

So, we accepted everyone yesterday until we got to 36, and then we put up the completo sign. Doing tea for 30 was  a challenge, but it worked and fortunately I had a batch of cookies ready. A young man from Venezuala did all the dishes, and neither Dave or I could understand him.Breakfast was a challenge, as we can only seat 14 at a time, but still they all ate breakfast in 45 minutes. It was just as much fun as the smaller group from the day before. Every day brings challenges and joys, just as in my life at home, but here the challenges are solved and over quickly, and we move on. I shall try that at home.

 We had help with the cleaning this morning, (the Canadian Dad - they took a taxi to Cacabelos, hoping to be able to walk tomorrow) so it went well. I just hope the sun comes out so the pilgrims´ laundry dries for them. We do have a balcony and drying racks, but not enough space for the laundry of 30 pilgrims.

Life does seem so simple here.

Til tomorrow


  1. Sounds like you are getting into the swing of things Darlene. You are so right, life is simple on the Camino. Life itself can be much simpler too, which is the lesson I brought back home from my Camino. Love reading your blog and look forward to it, so don't stop!!! :) We are getting quite a bit of rain here too, so sounds like the weather is a little similar. Keep on blogging. Love J.

  2. I love reading your adventures! You sound peaceful. I love you, Aisy