The Camino Frances

The Camino Frances

Thursday, September 13, 2012

In Murias de Rechiva

Santibanez to Murias de Rechivaldo thurs Sept 13 about 17 km

Up earlier today, and the bar next door was open, so I ate cookies from home, cafe con leche and a tomato given to me by Maj-lis and her friend Anita, who shared my room last night. We started off together, and walked together to Astorga. It was a lovely day, with beautiful views, and about 28´ - up and down, up and down then the steepest up yet into Astorga. Along the way we stopped at Julie¨s recommendation at a bar set up by David. It was overlooking the valley, and he lived in the barn there. No running water or electricity, and he had his cart filled with organic food - apples, bananas, meusli, hard boiled eggs, and coffee. There was no charge, as it was by donation. After hugs, we set off, feeling better about the generosity in the world.

May-lis and Anita and I parted in Astorga, after exchanging addresses, and promising to visit. We shared a brief lunch in the park then they checked into the albergue where I stayed in 2007.

I visited the Museum of Chocolate, saw a video about the old method and the even older method of making chocolate. The video was very old too. Then there was tasting, and I bought a bar which should last a while. There is no gluten in chocolate!

On the way out of town I met up with 3 people that I had talked to in the airport lounge in Toronto, and we walked together to Murias, but they went on. Judy and I shared stories about our children, grandchildren, activities with the church - she crochets sleeping mats and sandals, I knit prayer shawls and pneumonia vests.

Now I am settled in a lovely albergue. The hospitalera will modify dinner for me - rice instead of pasta, and I am looking forward to showering, doing laundry, and wandering the village.

Tomorrow I arrive at Rabanal.

Buen Camino

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  1. Glad you found David's oasis Darlene. I loved the walk to his cantina and on to Astorga. Hope you manage to get a good night's sleep soon. Love Julie.