The Camino Frances

The Camino Frances

Sunday, October 7, 2012

A pefect day

Sunday, Oct 7  - Vilacha to Palas de Rei  - 26km and 72 to go

Today was another glorious day, with lots of shade and breezes, and about 27´ . I walked in a short sleeved t shirt and shorts most of the day. As usual, it was a lot of ups and downs. I slept very well last night, so I didn´t get on the road until 9am! I just checked into the municipal albergue in Palas de Rei at 5:30 pm and I got the last of the 60 beds! It is much nicer than I remembered - only 2 bunks in my room, with an ensuite bathroom with shower, and since I was the last one in, no one else was waiting to use the shower. However, there was no hot water left, so the shower was quick.

So I walked most of 9.5 hours. How did that go, you ask? Well, what made it not only bearable, but fun, were the people I walked with. A couple from New Brunswick.  A young woman from Portland Oregon, who was on her second day, and suffering. A retired midwife, who has worked all around the world, including a stint at obstetrics at Central Hospital in Toronto. I think it is now closed. 3 women from Calgary  that I met yesterday, who started in Sarria. I walked with them most of the day and had my 2 breaks with them. First break was lunch, about 12:45, and I had the rest of my cheese, a large apple, 2 rice cakes and a piece of chocolate. The second break was around 4 pm, and I threw caution to the winds and had half a glass of beer, with half a glass of lemonade. I asked my walking friends to monitor me for staggering, but I was fine, and I am sure the alcohol burned off fast in the heat. I also snacked on almonds and dried fruit.

So it was an uneventful day, full of the joys of the Camino, prefaced by a wonderful evening and sleep at Casa Banderas.

Tomorrow I will be in Melide around noon, and it is famous for octopus (pulpo), so that is what I will be having for lunch, instead of eating out of my pack. Then perhaps stay at Ribadiso, another municipal albergue with a perfect pastoral setting. I can´t believe I could be in Santiago in 3 more days!

Have  a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, if you live in Canada.