The Camino Frances

The Camino Frances

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A river runs through it

Tuesday, Oct 9, Ribadiso to Arza/Pedroza - 24 km

It rained all day today, except for a few brief times. Light, but relentless rain. There was a stream, and sometimes a brook, running down the middle of the camino. Fortunately, there was a bar right beside the albergue, so I was able to have my cafe con leche, and hot milk with meusli in it, before I set off. Today was a day to snack on chocolate, though I also had cheese, a mandarin orange and a lovely local pear. The trail today was mostly downhill, with very few ascents, except at the beginning, so it made for a less exhausting day. I arrived fairly early in the town with 2 names - one is Castillian, and one is Gallician, I think. I am in a very nice albergue, and my laundry is done.

Most people seemed very lazy in the albergue this morning. When I left at 7:30, lots were still in bed, and everyone has to be out by 8. I think the rain was discoraging them, and many people have said they were slowing down, as they were reluctant to leave the trail and have it all end. Many seem to be in transition in their lives, and probably were hoping for a big revelation. Perhaps it arrived, or perhaps in the cathedral, or perhaps in returning to their old life. I expect changes in my life, and I hope to be less busy, but that may take a lot of work to get to that place.

On the way into town there was a tourist info, probably sponsored by an association of albergues, and they offered to book something in Santiago, so I took advantage of their service, and tomorrow I will be staying at O Fogar de Teodoriro, near the Cathedral, and for 3 nights!! This is the first time I have booked ahead, but I know my destination tomorrow, for certain. I am 21 km from the cathedral right now, so I expect to arrive early afternoon. I am very excited, and am making a list of things to do while I am there. Any suggestions? I don´t think I will be in time for the service at 12, but I think I will go every day, to see if I can find any pilgrims I met along the way

I´m off to dinner. No pulpo tonight. Tomorrow I post from Santiago!


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