The Camino Frances

The Camino Frances

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

More FAQ

Monday Oct 8  Palais de Rei to Rivadiso - about 26 km, and about 44 to go

Today the weather couldn´t make up its mind. Rain for about 30 minutes, steadily, then threatening for quite a bit of the day. Strong sunshine at times, and very humid. It was another long day for me, but this time I was on the road before 8, and consequently, arrived here at the municipal albergue, about 4:30, and they still had lots of beds. I stayed here last time too, and have good memories of the outdoor showers, and the lovely brook running by. However, I didn´t remember all the hills. I think they must have changed the path.

Here are some more FAQ (not)

How steep are the hills? Imagine going up and down the steep parts of Hampton and Logan all day long, and you still won´t be thinking steep enough.

Most unusual pilgrim? I young man from Venezuala is doing it in a wheelchair seat which is balanced on one wheel. There are bars front and back, and there seem to be 3 men taking shifts pulling/pushing/driving the support van/walking with the mother. They are videotaping part of it, and it is a fundraiser for cerebral palsy, I think, and I think that is what the young man has. Today, up the steepest part, they had 6 people pushing and pulling. When several young girls went by, I asked if they could pull me up, but they said they were having enough trouble themselves.

Best u-turn? I was lost in a lost village on the short way from Tricastela to Sarria. A woman was hanging out on her balcony, and I think she made a practice of redirecting pilgrims. When she told me in Spanish, of course, that I had to turn around, I almost cried. I did ask in Spanish if she had any water, as I was out, and she came out with a 2 liter bottle of cold water, and filled my water bottle. And the backtracking was only the equivalent of a block.

Best octopus? Pulperia Ezekiel in Melide. I had lunch there today, with a glass of lovely white wine. Lunch was fresh cooked octopus, served on a wooden platter, sprinkled with salt, hot paprika, and olive oil. I joined an Italian couple, who are here are the albergue, and it was delightful. Thanks for the picture Tim


  1. Hi Darlene. Aren't those u-turns interesting.

    I am really enjoying reading your posts. I am glad you are finding time to write. Keep walking...almost there. I am looking forward to seeing you when you re-enter this strange world.

  2. Hi Darlene:
    My thoughts are with you all of the time. I am so proud of what you are doing and making sure I tell everyone.
    You are an inspiration to all!
    I hope you are taking lots of pictures.