The Camino Frances

The Camino Frances

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The body speaks

Tues Oct 2 - Molineseca to Cacabellos  23 km

It is said that the first week on the Camino is all about the body, so it is my turn to speak.
Here is what the body parts have to say:
Thighs, calves and shins: Going down yesterday, we spoke to her at every step, and today we can´t shut up, especially as there is sidewalk walking, and those curbs are brutal! She had the sense to do the zig zag for part of the way, and that helped, as the descent isnt as steep that way.
Feet: We produced blisters on both buniomns, and between 2 toes. - she should have listened to us and changed her socks, or just stopped sooner!
Eyes: lots to see - half the time was through the old city of Ponferrada, the newer part, and suburbs. Then vineyards - and rolling hills. Some of the vines were wired up, and some just slumped on the ground. They were ripe, and there was harvesting going on
Stomach: What does she think she is doing? Hard to discern a pattern here. Breakfast was oats with hot milk and jam - not bad! She is a great forager, and fed me blackberries, an unripe fig, and something like a high bush blueberry with a stone. Pineapple juice at a winery - good thing too, as I refuse to move on with wine in the stomach - it is hard enough to get to bed after 2 glasses. Hot chocolate in Ponferrada, and a very small chocolate bar on completing. Then dinner - chips, fried egg, small salad and chicken, with wine. Not sure she is doing a good job fuelling the journey.
Ears: today´s earworm was Always look on the bright side of life.
Bowels; moving - enough said.
Posted one day late by the boss, Darlene

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