The Camino Frances

The Camino Frances

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Just the facts

Day 16  Itera de la Vega to Villalcazar de Sirga   28 km

So just the facts for today: we left without breakfast, as we have found it so much easier to eat up the miles in the morning, and so much harder in the noon day sun, so we had a banana after 4 km, then tortilla and cafe con leche after 8 km, then another cafe con leche after 6 more. I also got money and shopped for rice cakes and chocolate in Fromista. Another 6 km, then lunch in a park. By the time we reached this village, we had done 28 km and were ready to stop.
I amused myself today with statistics. We are in Palencia, a province in Castilla y Leon, and the land is very flat, and the roads are straight. Since we were walking along beside the road, there were mileage signs every km, so I timed myself for 6 km, which we did in 72 minutes.. averaging 12 minutes per km. I figured out that at the pace we are making.. 24 km average per day, we will make Santiago on the 25th, and we fly out of Madrid on the 30, so we are doing fine.
No blisters for either of us, except I have some on my ears = perhaps as a result of sunburn. I bought a large hat  .. very old pilgrim like, but it covers my ears.
Last night we had dinner with 2 couples we have met several times, plus Rostislav and several other new people. What a rowdy table it was.
Today we are at a donativo albergue, which is lovely. Donativo means pay what you think it is worth. The hospitaleros are Italian, so it is lots of work to understand them. They served italian coffee with milk and cookies, plus an italian liquor to add if you wish, at 4:30. To get hot water for the shower, you put 1€ in the meter for 10 minutes. Every albergue has its charms.
This is the link for the village, and a picture of the church.


  1. HI Darlene, ok you have a picture of the church at Villalcazar, have you found out what Alcazar means yet? It is arabic.

    Fromista is a tough church to get a stamp from, that is true.
    Easy question: What stamp is the most meaningful to you so far?

    1. No luck with your questions! My favourite was a guy who came out of his driveway with candies and a stamp. It says Camino Historico, Villovieco, and he signed it Pepe, and wrote a comment beginning Felicitations, which I must get translated.

  2. I too love doing math in my head when I walk. Whenever someone asks me to pay what I think it's worth, I often pay more than they would have asked (depending, of course, on what it was worth to me!).

  3. on my way for our Friday walk. We'll be thinking of you and Wendy...xoxo...j