The Camino Frances

The Camino Frances

Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Peaceable kingdom

Day 18 Ledigos to Bercianos - 26 km

Today was a fabulous day. The sun wasn´t too hot and we are at our destination, Bercianos, where Joy was a hospitalera, and I am going back to a meal cooked by the pilgrims.
We were so glad to leave Ledigos - very bad vibes there, and I was so grumpy.
We stopped for a visit today at the Peaceable Kingdom in Moritanos. Rebekah is an expat American who  runs an unofficial stopping place for pilgrims there.

Here is a link to a story about her and her place on the Camino.

She offered us a cup of tea: Yorkshire tea, brought by one of her visitors. It was so wonderful to be in a home, rather than in a public space.
I have been following her blog for years, and admire the work she does, and the stories she tells. 
This is her blog, about village life, pilgrims, and the wider world of the Camino.

I am feeling great, and enjoying myself. I am looking forward to the mountains, and Rabanal.
Now if only I could get rid of this pesky rash on my ears!

Here is our albergue. We are sleeping on mats on the floor.
 The sunset should be spectacular, if I can stay awake.


  1. Oh so glad you stopped in on Rebekah. I too enjoy her blog. Enjoy Afternoon Tea at R. Gaucelmo. Thoughts are with you.

    1. 4 more days until Rabanal, and they all should be 24 or less km. Today, once again, we got the last beds.

  2. Hi Darlene, I am monitoring multiple blogs and just read that the fabled Rabanal albergue has run low on tea bags. So please share your tea bag. I know this is a disappointment. You might even consider giving Rabanal a pass this time to help other pilgrims, less fortunate, have a strong cuppa.

    On the bright side, the bed bug infestation at Rabanal, is not worse than last year.

    1. I´ll pick up some tea bags on my way into town - have to have tea at Rabanal!