The Camino Frances

The Camino Frances

Thursday, May 29, 2014


In Madrid

Yesterday we spent travelling, and went to a local mall for dinner. Just as we were finishing, Lenore, Paul and Lilly joined us. What a surprise! They had just flown in from Toronto, and today went to Ponferrada, to meet Raphael, who will drive them to Foncebadon. They are the hospitalero/as for the first half of June, at Domus Dei, the donativo albergue in Foncebadon. How amazing to be there to see them. Here is where they will be working.

Today we took a bus and Metro into downtown Madrid. We found a free 3 hour walking tour of Madrid, and it was wonderful. The guide Tatiana, was from Kyrzakhstan, married to a Spaniard, and full of information and humour.  We saw so much and learned  a great deal about Spanish history.
One of my favourite squares on the tour was the Puerta da Sol, where we assembled for the tour.

Felipe III rey de España

After the tour we had an enourmous meal, then tried to walk it off.  Eventually we found our way to the Prado, which is free from 6 to 8 pm every day. We saw most of the Goyas, Reubens, and Velasquez. My favourite it still this one.

So, it is back to Toronto tomorrow, and hiking the Toronto trails. I´ll be blogging on wandering in Toronto, just not as frequently. Thanks for following my adventures so far, and post if you have any questions.

Buen Camino


  1. What a great pilgrimage, and to end it with this psychologically disturbing painting, now I am truly surprised. What is reality?

    Who is really the subject of the painting, you see the artist, paint brush ready, and in the mirror you see the parents, perhaps the subject on the grand scale canvas, but no, the painting, takes you into the land of little people and children, behind the scenes, with the little princess fawned over, yet with a sidelong glance, to us? and who is that scurrying up the back stairs?

    Not this is not a calm end to a pilgrimage, instead we are left bemused and strangely in the dark.

    We leave tonight for Perigeaux on the Vezelay route, armed with the lated passports issued from Spain, thanks to a tip from Ingrid. And I am ready to collect stamps from al the significant places on my travels. At least four in each town. Hostel, bar, tourist office, church. Barbara, a purist, said, but isn't that cheating somehow. Perhaps it is not being an authentic pilgrim. We shall see.

  2. Darlene ... Congratulations! I have been catching up on your posts and really appreciating them ... I am thrilled to share in your pilgrimage!

    Looking forward to seeing you soon ...