The Camino Frances

The Camino Frances

Friday, May 23, 2014

Spanish Specialties

Day 31 - Palas de Rei to Ribidiso - 27 km

It rained almost all day today, but never very heavily, so it was an enjoyable time, in spite of the mud and the river running through the trail. This is what it looked like.Photo: Fairytale forest. Temperature outside around 5-7C and raining. Inside cca 36C and sunshine:-)

We stopped for an early lunch in Melide today. It is famous for pulpo - octopus, so we shared a plate and I had a glass of delicious Ribeiro wine with it. They cook the octopus on the spot in a pot of boiling water, and serve it on a wooden plate, sprinkled with hot smoked paprika, salt and olive oil.

Truly an experience.
There are other memorable dishes and drinks. Here are a few that we have enjoyed.
Fresh squeezed orange juice - a great fuel for the last few kms.
Caldo Gallego - potato, white beans, and greens fresh from the garden in a delicious broth.
Lentil soup - thick and warming, and highly spiced.
Squid in it´s own ink.
Trout, fresh and pan fried, with a squeeze of lemon.
Paella, always different, according to the seafood they add. But we also enjoyed the chicken paella made for us at San Bol.
Chicken roasted with red peppers.
Potato and tomato stew - this was enhanced by the company in Bercianos, and the fact that it was made by the hospitaleras and some Sardinians who were staying there.
Cauliflower soup with a poached egg floating in it.

Here is a post about meals on the Camino.
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Enjoy your meals today, wherever you are.


  1. it all sounds delicious Darlene!

    1. But now I want vegetables!! squash, broccoli, green beans, sweet potato - haven´t seen any!